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Responsibility for the contents:

Ria Real Immobilien GmbH
Hauptstrasse 48 b
5600 St. Johann/Pg

phone: +43 (0) 6412 - 20 278 - 0
fax: +43 (0) 6412 - 20 278 - 8
email: immobilien@riareal.at


VAT number: ATU 68172345
FN 402766 d
Area of jurisdiction: Salzburg
Member of the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce
Bank details: HYPO SALZBURG
IBAN: AT80 3400 0202 0447 8319

Copyright: We advice, that the logos, the name of the firm that are shown on this website are the property of the owner of the firm and are covered by copyright!

Internet conditions: The internet works as a decentralized web network with several levels of saving and transfer of temporary data. At the present moment it is not possible to guarantee the absence of manipulation or deliberate falsifications of data on the net and therefore the firm cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the data in the website as seen by the user. Given the above limitations and conditions we advise as follows: you receive these details under the conditions of the internet. Therefore we cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of the data contained within the website and its matching with the original data.

All photos and texts are provided with the agreement of the property owner and themselves are the property of Ria Real Immobilien GmbH. Copying of the photos and/or texts without the specific agreement of Ria Real Immobilien GmbH is not permissible.

The data contained within the website is provided from information and documents provided in turn by the owners of the properties or third parties and Ria Real Immobilien GmbH is not responsible for the accuracy. The details (including price) in respect of the shown property/ies are non-binding and could be subject to change and or subsequent sale.

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